Welcome to La Petite Étoile 360º

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La Petite Étoile 360º (LPÉ360º) is a French preschool that provides a fun yet extensive bi-lingual program to help children engage in all functional aspects of developmental milestones and learning standards. LPÉ360º exceeds the boundaries of regulations to help children learn in a safe, welcoming and warm multicultural environment.



Mission Statement

La Petite Étoile 360º is committed to providing a smooth home-school transition for our children; as we strive to provide an unparalleled learning experience in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Vision Statement

We aim to provide each child the opportunity to master his/her unique ability as he/she grows through the developing milestones; through creative imagery, fun art projects, sensory music, freestyle dance activities and our bi-lingual curriculum, LPÉ360º’s children will Explore, Experience and Excel. We provide our children a strong foundation to be aware of their physical, emotional presence and the social tools to become well-rounded, global citizens.

Our Values

Our core values are heavily supported on an idea that fosters balanced citizens. At the foundation of that, we aim to nurture happy, confident, independent children who will respect, protect and love themselves and the world around them. They are founded on a great sense of community.

Our Environment

La Petite Étoile 360° (LPÉ360º) offers a positive home-like atmosphere. The personality of LPÉ360º reflects directly on the visual design of our facilities. It represents a fun, playful, relaxed, youthful and flexible environment that encourages everyone to explore the light within themselves and to be exactly who they are.

The rooms are set up to allow the children to engage and interact with each other yet accommodate quiet time when necessary. The play area is spacious, bright, and safe. It is set up with age-appropriate toys and equipment for individual and group activities. The open space allows them to develop social skills and emotional connection and expand their cognitive development through language and literacy.

Our Commitment

Our commitment and philosophy are aligned to promote love, independence, social growth and emotional awareness; a declared effort simply to preserve a harmonious balance.


Instinctively, children are eager learners with an extraordinary propensity to absorb information. Within that context, our learning and pedagogic theories are developed to reflect their needs. LPÉ360º Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum that benefits our children with cognitive, social, and emotional growth along with physical and motor skills. Through a variety of effective hands-on activities, our children acquire the necessary learning abilities to meet short and long-term goals.

Among many other formations, our children explore and develop academic concepts such as shapes and color recognition, counting and name recognition, the difference between numbers and letters, and positive oral expression. They begin to understand the structured environment of a classroom, class schedule and routine. Concepts of socialization are implemented through active participation of singing, chanting and assisting with tasks.

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Welcome to Our Clubhouse

An Amazing Opportunity Awaits
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Nutritional Value

A balanced diet for healthy growth. We encourage healthy eating habits by incorporating greens, fiber, protein, antioxidants and more.


We are committed to providing each child a lifetime gift they can own; an insight to another language. Our program is fully immersed in a bilingual curriculum-French and English.

Outdoor Play

We essentially build a fun clubhouse where the children are inspired to explore through creative expression.

Full Day Session

Our daily sessions begin at 7:30am and ends at 5:00pm with a curriculum that allows our children the opportunity to gradually assimilate into the daily routine.


We encourage active learning through hands-on activities and we constantly peak the children’s interests through vibrant animation.

Qualified Educators

Our qualified teachers foster love and compassion towards our children. They are engaging and provide a platform for our children to feel confident and safe.

Our Interactive Programs

An Opportunity to Excel
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Petit Penguin – Wobble - Two–Three years

This program is designed to welcome our little wobblers to what soon will become their new milieu. They are gradually introduced to a daily routine that supports their year-long autonomy. In this mini-section, they are offered an array of alternative activities daily, to include:

  • Music and Rhymes
  • Rhythm and movement
  • Free style play
  • Explore the world around me
  • Circle time
  • Teacher-lead activities that encourage participation and collaboration
  • Periodic individual attention to foster secure attachment
  • Fun and educational field trips
Petit Papillon – How to fly - Three – Four Years

As our little butterflies begin to adapt to their environment; they are introduced to the life lessons that will guide them in forming who they are. In this world, they are beginning to evolve, thus requiring a bit more guidance and structure within their context. Here, our strategic curriculum offers a more in-depth learning guide.

  • Identifying distinctive sounds, shapes and patterns
  • Worldly Citizen Circle Time
  • Explore through elements and matters
  • Rhymes
  • Fun art and craft projects
  • Carefree dancing
  • Butterfly Yoga
  • Teacher-lead activities that encourage participation and collaboration
  • Periodic individual attention to foster secure attachment
  • Fun and educational field trips
Let’s Explore - Four Years /Five Years

As our learners continue to evolve, their social, emotional and cognitive development become more pronounced. In addition to many other indicators, we maintain a focus on the most crucial milestones. Here, we emphasis on peer collaboration, language and communication skills, and thinking and problem solving aptitude.

  • Develop Social interaction
  • Worldly Citizen Circle Time
  • Explore through elements and matters
  • Apply notions of comparison of objects
  • Grasp true concepts of numbers, counting and color coordination.
  • Identifying distinctive sounds, shapes and patterns
  • Interactive reading; drawing discipline
  • Teacher-lead activities that encourage participation and collaboration
  • Periodic individual attention to foster secure attachment
  • Periodic individual attention to foster secure attachment
  • Fun and educational field trips
Activate Your Inner-Self
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Let the Learning Begin

Let’s have fun with it. Singing along is enjoyable for everyone and is the perfect formula to make learning fun.

Let the Learning Begin

Let’s dance and be flexible – dancing and yoga are important components of our routine. The sessions focus on centering and finding the self and include light levels of meditation.

Let the Learning Begin

We believe in art therapy. We allow our children to explore the unlimited possibilities through their imagination. With art, they can depict a visual exhibition of themselves without boundaries.

Let the Learning Begin

Children afford us the opportunity to see the world through different lenses. Let them push through and touch the sky – Allow them to feel the spark when they reach for the stars. Allow them to experience, Explore and Excel!!

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